For Bingo

I regret to say I never met Bingo in real life. We probably were in the same location many times for comps at Northampton, Playstation, St Albans over the decades. We conversed on the internet over many years and would have long telephone chats about skateplanking and its awesomeness. He contributed a few times to Tweaker and I am sure to Sidewalk, and Doco too. He helped out immensely my company when we compiled a list of skateboard trivia for Nike SB. I feel an empty void right now, So I can’t comprehend what folk who – skated, filmed, shared beer or nandos with him, and those who were part of his fam, – must be going through right now. What ever he did seemed so completely solid, that it came as a massive shock that he has left us.

On behalf of Tweaker we dedicate the Wu track above, and send condolences to those who were close to him. RIP Bingo

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